Illustrations by Kiera Melville

When a terrible storm sweeps Palmer away from his home and family, the young dragonfly finds himself in a strange country with no idea how to find his way back or even where he is from. 

He finds himself in the company of a retired professor whose love of animals and insects makes him the perfect person to help Palmer solve the mystery of his birthplace. 

Join these unlikely friends on their exciting and unexpected adventure. Will Palmer find his way back home and what will they both learn along the way?

This new book, written in rhyme, is brought to life with beautiful illustrations. 



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Debbie lives in Guernsey in the Channel Islands (a small island between England and France). Debbie has a cat called Moriarty and two horses - Chief and Flynn. Debbie has had a love of all animals (big and small) for her whole life.

Debbie was inspired to write An Unlikely Friendship following a holiday in Tenerife with her best friends, Paula, Simon and Louis Ingrouille. 



Kiera Melville is a Canadian-born artist based on the beautiful Isle of Jersey in the British Channel Islands.

As a young woman, she moved across the ocean with her family and chose to attend university in the UK to study animation production.

From a young age, Kiera has been in love with art. Inspired in no small part by comic books, graphic novels and animated films, Kiera spent all her free time drawing and creative writing. She has always enjoyed the illustrated covers of books just as much as reading them. In primary school, she was notorious for drawing all over math tests and homework assignments.

Kiera’s passion for writing and illustration extends to other artistic
endeavours. She also loves music and is an avid singer with various regional and international ensemble and choral competition wins.  She is self-taught on several musical instruments including piano, ukulele and saxophone. She’d learn all the arts if she could! However, to her eternal frustration, she’s not yet a great dancer.



Palmer is a dragonfly who comes from Tenerife. Dragonflies symbolise courage, strength and happiness and these are all traits that Palmer shows in abundance. 

Dragonflies are strong creatures who can swim up to 35 miles per hour, can fly backwards as well as forwards and have been known to cross oceans.

It is not unusual for dragonflies to be carried away by strong winds but it is a bit more unusual for them to speak!



Sebastian is a retired entomologist. Entomology is the study of insects.

Sebastian started his career as a zoologist, studying the behaviour of all sorts of animals of all shapes and sizes. He understood their habitats and how best to care for them. 

Sebastian's career took him all over the world and his knowledge of insects and geography made him the perfect person to help Palmer find his way back home.



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